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It’s back to school for the Saratoga Springs City School District and mental health is on the top of the mind of students, families and staff after saying they were burnt out.

Superintendent of schools Dr. Michael Patton told CBS6 the district is working with a Queensbury based mental health group to double their mental health services to meet the needs of everyone in the district.

Dr. Patton says families were telling the district they were having a hard time scheduling appointments for their students to receive any counseling or mental health help as many organizations were all booked up.

This means the district now has six mental health professionals district wide, it also means students can get counseling services during the school day.

“We’ve had kids that’ve been on waiting lists, waiting to see some mental health support and now i think by having additional staff available to meet with our kids in school during the school day,” said Dr. Patton. “It’s going to be a wonderful resource that students and families can take advantage of.”

The program is also available to staff and faculty throughout the district, leaders say it’s important to offer services to everyone in the district.

Families who are interested can look for more information that will be coming home with students this week.

Source: Mental health top priority for Saratoga Springs schools | WRGB (