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Welcome to


Our New Client Portal

Welcome to the new BHSN client portal, myHealthPointe®.
Here is what you need to know to get started:

myHealthPointe® is a personal healthcare website that provides BHSN clients with 24/7 secure access to select portions of their personal health record (PHR). It is the portal to view, download and transmit information regarding your personal care.

To get started, please give us a call at 518-563-8000 to speak with a Customer Experience Specialist, who will provide you with a link to sign up and log into the portal website. You can also access the portal via the internet on a personal computer, a mobile phone, or the mobile phone app for myHealthPointe®, available in in the Google® Play Store and Apple® App Store. Please note that you must register using a personal computer or via the website on the phone, you will not be able to register using the mobile app

With myHealthPointe®, you have the ability to:

  • Send questions and concerns to the Customer Experience Team. 
  • View your scheduled appointments.
  • View your medication list and request medication refills (please note that refills will still need to be requested 5-7 days in advance).
  • View your allergy list.

No. The portal is not a substitute for professional medical care and advice.

You can send a non-urgent secure message to the Plattsburgh or Glens Falls customer experience team, care coordination team, clinical care team and request medication refills through myHealthPointe® and the response will be sent to your myHealthPointe® inbox. A notification will also be sent to the personal email address that is linked to your patient portal account.

1. Login at

2. Click on the Conversations button. 

3. Select and New Message.

4. Select the appropriate team that you would like to reach.

5. Type your Message (please use this function for non-urgent messages only).

6. Click Send to send the message.

You can now view and pay your statements online using the myHealthPointe® client portal. 

1. Login at

2. Click on the Bill Pay tab.

3. Pay your bill or view your statements from within this page.

You can view your allergy and medication lists using the myHealthPointe® client portal. 

1. Login at

2. Select Allergies or Medications on the home page.

If you forget your password, visit the portal log in screen and select the link to assist you with your password reset. If your access is locked and you cannot reset your password, please contact our Customer Experience Team for assistance at 518-563-8000 for Morrisonville or 518-926-7100 for Queensbury.

Yes, myHealthPointe® is a secure website that can only be accessed by you and anyone you provide access to.

Yes, you will need a personal email account in order to register and set up access to the myHealthPointe® Portal. At this time, registration is limited to one account per email address. For families who have multiple family members in treatment, we are working to create a proxy feature that would allow each client to have an account under the parent/guardian’s email address.