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On-site pharmacy to help improve medication adherence and health outcomes for people with mental illness, substance use disorder and other complex, chronic conditions

Behavioral Health Services North (BHSN), a leader in whole-person, integrated care, and Genoa Healthcare, a leading provider of comprehensive pharmacy services, recently celebrated their new partnership and on-site pharmacy at a grand opening in Queensbury, New York. Located on the first floor along-side the Center for Recovery, the new integrated pharmacy provides a unique one-stop-shop to BHSN clients.

“It is our goal to make healthcare easier and more accessible to not only our clients, but the community,” said Mark Lukens, President/CEO at BHSN. “The partnership with Genoa offers a unique integrated model that supports individuals by bridging their care teams. Clients have the ability to see their provider, fill their prescriptions, and ask a pharmacist questions at one location, eliminating barriers such as transportation and making it easier to access and stay on needed medications. We expect that this innovative partnership will add tremendous value to our over 8,000 clients and 400 employees across Northern New York.”

In New York, the share of adults with any mental illness was over 18% in 2019-2020. Research shows that when pharmacy services are integrated with health care providers like BHSN, people are more likely to obtain their prescriptions and stay on their medication plans, lowering the rates of hospitalization and emergency care while improving health care outcomes.

Genoa Healthcare is the largest provider of behavioral health pharmacy and medication management services for individuals with behavioral health and other complex, chronic health conditions in the U.S..

“Our proximity to care teams helps us develop a close and trusting relationship with providers and case managers – and effectively become extensions of their teams,” said Brittany Altieri, Genoa director of operations for New York. “We are looking forward to providing hands-on, specialized pharmacy care for the community at Behavioral Health Services North.”

BHSN Clients and their families are now able to fill all of their prescriptions (including ones prescribed outside of BHSN), speak to a pharmacist, have medication mailed/delivered to home/place of residence at no additional cost, have medication organized in pre-filled pill packaging to help track usage, and transfer all medications from existing pharmacies to the Genoa Pharmacy.

The personalized care and vast array of resources offered through the pharmacy align with BHSN’s care delivery model, designed to reimagine healthcare through an integrated, whole-person care approach.

Integrated care, a unique approach to healthcare, involves close communication and collaboration between an individual’s doctors and healthcare professionals, including pharmacists. Through these open conversations, care teams are able to deliver more effective and efficient healthcare, resulting in better health outcomes. Whole-person care, is a holistic approach that looks at all aspects of a person’s health. This includes physical, mental, and behavioral health as well as social determinants of health such as the individual’s socioeconomic status and housing situation, and more, which can exacerbate health issues.

BHSN employees and their families also benefit from the new pharmacies, with access to on-site prescription fills, annual vaccines, and knowledgeable Genoa pharmacists.

A second on-site Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy serves the northern tier, located on-site at the Morrisonville Center for Well-Being. Visit to learn more about BHSN and Genoa.


 About Behavioral Health Services North

Behavioral Health Services North, a progressive not-for-profit organization founded in 1874, is committed to transforming care and enriching the lives of those they service and their communities by delivering leading whole-person care including physical care, behavioral health care and human services that provides an integrated continuum of essential, responsive and cost-effective services. Behavioral Health Services North brings treatment, rehabilitation and support to families across Northern New York through its network of over sixty locations spanning seven counties.

About Genoa Healthcare

Genoa Healthcare is a leading provider of pharmacy and clinical services for individuals with behavioral health and other complex, chronic health conditions. With more than 20 years of experience, Genoa serves nearly one million people annually across its more than 680 pharmacies located within community mental health centers in the United States. Genoa is part of Optum Rx, a pharmacy care services company.