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Family Peer Support services (FPSS) helps families:

  • Make connections to community resources and services
  • Learn advocacy and empowerment skills
  • Make community and natural support connections
  • Learn new parenting and self-care skills
  • Learn how to have a voice in your child’s services
  • Apply self-care practices and techniques


A Family Peer Advocate is uniquely qualified to work with families based on their own personal experience parenting a child with mental health needs and the intensive specialized training they receive.

Family Peer Advocates have walked in similar shoes as yourself. They have been where you are, made the same mistakes, had the same successes and are eager to share their extensive personal and professional knowledge with you.

Family Peer Support Services (FPSS) is designed to support the parent/caregiver and strengthen their skills to better assist their child with mental health needs.


You are eligible for FPSS if you are a parent, guardian or family with a child with a disability (emotional, behavioral, physical and/or developmental)

  • To listen without judgement.
  • To focus on identifying needs and solutions that best meet the family’s needs and wants.
  • To encourage you to use your current strengths to improve the needs of your child and family.
  • To encourage you while teaching new parenting and self-care skills.
  • To assist in making connections to services, agencies and other families.


  • To discuss, honestly and openly, the strengths and needs of your child and famiy.
  • To work together with the Family Peer Advocate to find solutions that best meet your family’s needs.
  • To be willing to learn new parenting and self-care skills and put them into practice.
  • To realize not every skill you try will work for your child and family and those that do work, will not work 100% of the time. Failures are how we learn.
  • To take an active role in your child’s services.


A referral can be made by contacting the program coordinator:

Carrie Ann Rollier


Office Phone: (518) 561.1767 extension 213

Cell Phone: (518) 578.2889


Family Peer Support Services – FPSS, (formally known as Families Involved Together – FIT) was initiated in 1995 with New York State Office of Mental Health Reinvestment funds and in 2002, FIT received the “2002 Excellence in Resiliency Award for the Clinton County Fireside Chats” from Families Together in NYS, Inc.

Those interested in learning more about Family Peer Support Services should contact our program supervisor:

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Families Peer Support Services

22 US Oval – Suite 100
Plattsburgh, NY 12903
Phone: (518) 563.8000


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