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Our Supported Employment programs offer people with disabilities opportunities to enter the workforce, and to be successful in maintaining their employment.

Supported employment assists individuals with psychiatric disabilities in securing and sustaining competitive employment in the community. An employment specialist determines the readiness of an individual and refers him or her to the program. A job developer markets the program to prospective employers and assists in matching positions with the individuals. An employment counselor provides on and off-site counseling, job coaching, advocacy and additional support services, as needed. Our supported employment program helps people to enhance their social skills as they prepare for work.

We provide a way for individuals to realize their goal of independence via competitive employment. Our Supported Employment Program encourages people to work within their communities and encourages work, social interaction, and integration.

We assist individuals with preparing for job interviews and identifying key performance criteria and training needs. If necessary, our supported employment team can also assist with procuring uniforms for employment and providing additional skill training as necessary.

Employment Specialists assist with job orientation, assessments, and  travel training. They are an advocate for their individual with supervisors and co-workers. They will assist in getting reasonable accommodations if necessary. Overall they become the person’s life-line with work matters and outside matters should it ultimately affect employment.

Have someone in mind who would benefit from the program: If they have a service coordinator get in contact with them, if they don’t have contact them contact our Supported Employment Program at (518) 563.8000.


Our employment specialists will assess factors that will effect employment: motivation, transportation, skills, mobility, appearance, communication, social skills, work behavior skills, reinforcement needs, supports, financial considerations and preference and goals.

Provides specialized job development and on-site training to assist the employee with a disability in learning and performing the job and adjusting to the work environment.


Supports from supervisors & co-workers. These natural supports are particularly effective because they enhance the social integration between the employee with a disability and his/her co-workers and supervisor. In addition, natural supports may be more permanent, consistently and readily available, thereby facilitating long-term job-retention.

Those interested in learning more about Supported Employment should contact our program supervisor:

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Supported Employment Program

2155 State Route 22B
Morrisonville, NY 12962
Phone: (518) 563.8000

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