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Looking for some easy recipes to make in quarantine that don’t require a ton of ingredients? We’ve got you covered.

In order to make meal planning as easy as possible for you and your family amid the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve rounded up some recipes that call for five or fewer main ingredients.

So, here are some ideas to have dinner (or dessert) whipped up in no time – just remember to wash your hands!

Enchiladas: Looking for something easy, cheesy and savory? Five-ingredient enchiladas are the perfect fit. Southern Bites‘ recipe only calls for ground beef, cheese, tortillas, salsa and enchilada sauce.

Chicken pleaser: If poultry is more your style, Chicken Lazone is a dish that can be made with few ingredients. Besides a couple of seasonings (salt, garlic powder and chili powder), Pillsbury’s recipe only calls for chicken breast tenders, butter and whipping cream. Serve over pasta to make the meal more complete with just one more ingredient.

Tuna pasta: Craving fish? You can make a cheesy tuna pesto pasta with only five ingredients as well. BBC’s Good Food blog’s recipe calls for penne, canned tuna, jarred pesto, tomatoes and cheese. You can also simply jazz up a box of macaroni and cheese with tuna and top with breadcrumbs for a crispy element after you bake.

If you’re looking for more ways to use up your supply of canned tuna, check out this list of recipes. You can also check out this list for recipes using other canned goods and items in your pantry.

Pinwheels: Whether as a snack for virtual happy hour or fun, handheld meal, Grateful’s vegetarian pinwheels only need four ingredients: a package of crescent rolls, pesto, tapenade and Parmesan cheese.

Vegetarian pinwheels for holiday appetizers.

Chili: If you’re looking for a little bowl of comfort, give chili a try. Minimalist Baker’s sweet potato and black bean vegan chili calls for beans, onion, sweet potatoes, salsa and vegetable stock. And there are optional spice suggestions you can add for even more flavor.

Pizza casserole: Yep, you read that right. Instead of your typical pizza, keto diet followers and pizza lovers alike can enjoy this low-carb version by Wholesome Yum. Main ingredients include cauliflower, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices. It also calls for kitchen staples like olive oil and some seasonings.

Easy cake: New to baking? Start off with a recipe that requires only four ingredients: pound cake. This recipe from Cookies & Cups’ uses just flour, eggs, butter and sugar. It’s a great base that you can customize with fruit, chocolate chips or nuts.

Out of eggs, milk or butter?:You can still bake these during the coronavirus quarantine


By Sara M Moniuszko USA TODAY

Photo by Daria Obymaha from Pexels