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Who we are:

Life can be challenging for those who are struggling with mental health, substance use, trauma, violence or other difficulties that affect their emotional well-being. In times of crisis, it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed and alone. Whether it is you or someone you are concerned about, our Helpline is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help during these challenging times.

Our Mobile Crisis Team works closely with families, adults, children and adolescents who are experiencing a crisis or simply need to talk. We are community-based and able to travel to the person(s) in need. This may be a home, school, hospital or a mutually agreed upon location. Our goal is to listen, identify how to resolve the crisis and help you regain a sense of control.

We will listen. We will work with you to help you through the issue(s) you are struggling with. If you or someone you know is experiencing a crisis or needs to talk, the Mobile Crisis Team serving Clinton County is here.

The Mobile Crisis Team operates locally Monday- Friday from 8:30am-7:30pm (All calls received after hours will be answered by on-call services).

What services do we provide?

Consultation and Information: Contact us to learn more about a wide variety of community resources and behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders, substance abuse, as well as suicide awareness and prevention.

Crisis Assessment: Our licensed and certified team will talk/chat/text with you to identify what has contributed to your crisis as well as possible services and resources that may help resolve it.

Crisis Intervention and Stabilization: We may meet with you to further assess risk, provide support, and determine how to best resolve the crisis. We provide brief intensive crisis, psychiatric and counseling services which build on your strengths and help you regain a sense of control.

Follow-up Care Management: We will help connect you to other agencies in the community for more treatment and support following a crisis

Facilitate Connections to Other Supports: You will be quickly connected to community resources and services for continual support. We want to build on your strengths and minimize the possibility that you will experience another crisis.

Phone services are available to any adult, child, adolescent or family member regardless of where they are located. Face-to-face interventions provided to individuals within Clinton County.

You do not need medical insurance, transportation, or a mental health provider to receive help. We will travel to homes, schools, hospitals, jails or wherever a person in a mental health crisis is located.

We work closely with those in need to identify the most appropriate resources to address the crisis, preventing unnecessary hospitalization.

Our services are voluntary and must be accepted by the individual or a child/adolescent’s guardian.

Those interested in learning more about Crisis Services should contact our program supervisor:

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Crisis Services

2155 State Route 22B
Morrisonville, NY 12962
Phone: (518) 563.8000


Contact Us

Corporate Office: 518.563.8206
22 US Oval, Suite 218, Plattsburgh, NY 12903


Crisis Helpline: 1.866.577.3836
Adult & Child Clinic: 518.563.8000
STOP DV Hotline: 1.888.563.6904